Mehwish Hayat Teases Collaboration with Indian Music Rappers Honey Singh and Rao Ali Khan

Mehwish Hayat recently took to social media platform Instagram to share an exciting update with her fans. In a new picture posted on her profile, the Pakistani actress is seen alongside Indian music rappers Honey Singh and Rao Ali Khan. The post hints at a collaboration between the trio for a new track titled ‘Killer’.

In her joint post with Honey Singh, Mehwish Hayat expressed her enthusiasm for working with the renowned Indian artist. She referred to herself as a proud Pakistani artist collaborating with Honey Singh for the upcoming song. While the exact release date of the track was not disclosed in the post, Mehwish Hayat assured her followers that the song would be released very soon. The anticipation and excitement surrounding the new project were palpable in her post, indicating that fans can expect something special from the collaboration.

This announcement marks another milestone in Mehwish Hayat’s career, as she ventures into the realm of music with esteemed collaborators from across the border. The prospect of witnessing her talent merge with the creativity of Honey Singh and Rao Ali Khan has generated considerable buzz among fans and music enthusiasts alike.

It is worth noting that earlier this year, Mehwish Hayat had the opportunity to meet Honey Singh in person, as documented by the rapper on his own Instagram handle. During their encounter, Honey Singh expressed his admiration for Mehwish, describing her as a vibrant and lively personality. The meeting evidently laid the groundwork for their future collaboration, which is now set to materialize in the form of the upcoming track ‘Killer’.

As Mehwish Hayat continues to expand her artistic horizons, her collaboration with Honey Singh and Rao Ali Khan holds the promise of delivering a captivating musical experience for audiences on both sides of the border. With anticipation building for the release of ‘Killer’, fans eagerly await to witness the synergy of talent and creativity that this collaboration is poised to offer.