Instagram develops “blend” feature for collaborative reels experience.

Instagram is currently in the developmental stages of a new feature called “Blend,” designed to enhance the collaborative Reels experience for users.

Initially unearthed by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Blend aims to offer users a personalized feed of Reels, tailored specifically for them and a selected friend. Drawing inspiration from Spotify’s “Blend” feature introduced in 2021, which enables users to merge favorite songs into shared playlists, Blend operates similarly by recommending Reels based on shared content and individual interests.

According to Paluzzi’s findings, Blend will create a private space for users to curate Reels content, ensuring that recommendations align with their mutual preferences. The leaked screenshot suggests that either user can opt out of the Blend at any time, maintaining control and privacy over the shared experience.

While Instagram has yet to disclose details about the frequency of updates for Blend feeds, the feature aims to foster collaborative discovery and engagement on the platform. By leveraging content shared via direct messages, Instagram intends to offer tailored recommendations that resonate with both users.

However, the rollout of Blend to the public remains uncertain, with no official confirmation from Instagram regarding its launch date. If introduced, Blend could provide Instagram users with a unique collaborative experience, distinguishing the platform in the competitive landscape of short-form video content.

Despite the potential competitive advantage Blend may offer, TikTok continues to dominate the short-form video market, posing a formidable challenge to Instagram’s efforts in this space.