PTI Leader Latif Khosa Addresses Objections Raised by Core Committee Regarding Court Appearance

PTI leader Latif Khosa has responded to objections raised by the core committee of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) concerning his appearance in court for the £190 million case against a member of the PTI.

During an interview with Geo News program Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada, Latif Khosa shed light on the circumstances surrounding his court appearance, stating that following objections from judges of the Islamabad High Court directed towards their chief justice, there were differing opinions within the party regarding his appearance in court. Khosa emphasized the need for a decision to be made after consultation with the founder of PTI.

Khosa clarified that the issue was subject to discussion within the party, with some advocating for his appearance in court while others were hesitant. He stressed the importance of reaching a consensus within the party before proceeding.

According to Khosa, it was essential to engage with the founder of PTI to address the matter comprehensively. He asserted that the decision-making process involved careful consideration of various factors and viewpoints within the party.

Khosa further asserted that he engaged in dialogue with the PTI core committee to address their concerns regarding his court appearance. He claimed that following discussions, the core committee expressed satisfaction with his approach to the issue.

The response from Latif Khosa reflects a commitment to transparency and accountability within PTI, as he navigates the complexities surrounding his involvement in the legal proceedings. By engaging in dialogue and addressing the concerns raised by the core committee, Khosa demonstrates a willingness to uphold the principles and values of the party while navigating legal challenges.