United airlines intensifies safety training in response to recent incidents.

United Airlines is ramping up safety training efforts in response to a series of unrelated incidents in recent weeks, according to a message from Chief Executive Scott Kirby addressed to customers on Monday.

Kirby highlighted the significance of safety in light of the incidents, emphasizing the company’s commitment to learning from each event to enhance safety protocols across all employee groups.

The decision to bolster safety training comes in the wake of various occurrences, including the discovery of a missing external panel on a jet upon landing in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, a United flight bound for Florida had to return to its Houston departure point due to an engine fire caused by ingesting plastic bubble wrap from the airfield.

Other incidents involved a United aircraft losing a tire after takeoff from San Francisco en route to Japan and a separate occurrence in Houston where a plane veered onto the grass while taxiing.

In response, United has planned additional in-person training for pilots and a centralized curriculum for newly hired maintenance technicians. These efforts aim to fortify existing safety measures and minimize the risk of future incidents.

The airline’s initiative coincides with increased scrutiny on aircraft manufacturer Boeing following recent aviation mishaps, including an emergency landing of an Alaska Airlines flight in January. United’s proactive approach underscores its unwavering commitment to passenger safety and operational excellence.