Tragedy strikes as boat carrying migrants sinks off tunisia coast.

Tragedy struck as a boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of Tunisia, leaving at least 34 individuals missing and claiming the lives of two, as reported by the Tunisian National Guard on Friday.

The ill-fated vessel, which set sail from the Libyan coast, was carrying a total of 70 people. Fortunately, 34 individuals were rescued near the southern town of Zarzis. This incident follows closely on the heels of the Tunisian coast guard’s recovery of five bodies of migrants earlier this week.

As weather conditions improve in recent weeks, there has been a notable increase in the flow of African migrants, including Tunisians, attempting the perilous journey across the Mediterranean to Italy.

A rights group revealed alarming statistics, indicating that last year saw a record number of 1,313 migrants reported dead or missing off the Tunisian coast. This grim reality underscores the persistent and harrowing migrant crisis in this North African nation.