US Congress to Hold Hearing on Pakistani Elections and Democracy

The United States House of Representatives has scheduled a hearing on Pakistani elections and democracy for March 20th, where key American officials, including Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu, will testify regarding the State Department’s position.

According to details, the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa Affairs will hold an important hearing next Wednesday, March 20th, on the current situation in Pakistan.

In a released notice, it was mentioned that Assistant Secretary Donald Lu of the US State Department has also been summoned. Donald Lu oversees the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, and the PTI has gained notoriety by portraying him as a central figure in its alleged anti-America policies.

Behind closed doors, Donald Lu will respond to questions from members of Congress on various aspects related to Pakistan, South Asia, and Central Asian affairs during this hearing.

PTI’s local leadership and Indian lobbyists are expressing satisfaction with their efforts regarding this hearing, as the outcome will allow them to use certain parts of America’s public policy to serve their own purposes within PTI’s Pakistan policy.

During the hearing titled “Pakistan After the Elections,” the US Congress will hear statements and engage in a question and answer session regarding the future of democracy in Pakistan and Pakistan-US relations.

It is worth noting that PTI supporters, following the directives of their central leadership, have prepared lobbying forms and have also obtained the services of lobbyists to advance their position in America rather than making anti-America statements.

Meanwhile, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller stated regarding Assistant Secretary Donald Lu’s testimony on the Pakistani elections, that it is part of Congress’s regular policy. The allegations against Imran Khan’s Donald Lu are false.

He added that the Assistant Secretary’s response to the questions related to the allegations against Imran’s Donald Lu will be taken seriously, and this issue will also be discussed in Congress.

Regarding the law to revoke citizenship in India, they said that America is concerned about it. We are monitoring the matter and believe in religious freedom.

The hearing in the US Congress on Pakistani elections and democracy reflects the international interest in Pakistan’s political landscape and its relationship with the United States. It also underscores the importance of maintaining transparent and democratic processes in Pakistan’s governance.