Bilal Maqsood Shares Video of His Father Cooking, Dismisses False Reports of His Kidnapping

Renowned singer Bilal Maqsood took to the popular social media platform Instagram to share a video of his father, Anwar Maqsood, cooking biryani, in response to false reports circulating on social media regarding his father’s alleged kidnapping.

In the video, Anwar Maqsood can be seen humorously remarking that even if he had wounds or broken bones, he would still be cooking biryani, jokingly stating that otherwise someone else would have to cook biryani for him for three days. This light-hearted video not only showcased Anwar Maqsood’s cooking skills but also served as a way to dismiss the baseless rumors surrounding his well-being.

In recent days, there had been circulating rumors on social media suggesting that Anwar Maqsood had been kidnapped, allegedly due to his outspokenness against the government. These rumors also claimed that he had been threatened and subjected to violence, including physical assault.

In response to these reports, Anwar Maqsood, a legendary artist, expressed his dismay, stating that the rumors circulating about him on social media were entirely unfounded. His light-hearted video of cooking biryani served as a testament to his well-being and a way to address the false narratives being spread about him.

The incident highlights the power and influence of social media in disseminating information, both true and false. It also underscores the importance of verifying sources and information before sharing or reacting to rumors and sensationalized stories on social media platforms.

Anwar Maqsood’s humorous response not only reassured his fans and followers of his safety but also served as a reminder to critically evaluate the information we consume and share on social media.