Punjab chief minister maryam nawaz warns against political destabilization.

Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab, issued a stern warning against those attempting to sow unrest under the guise of political activism, emphasizing that they would face strict consequences. Her remarks came in response to the recent police crackdown on SIC [PTI] leaders and activists who protested alleged electoral irregularities in the February 8 polls.

During a brief interaction with reporters, Maryam asserted that the law would be enforced if there was any threat to public property or safety. She clarified that the actions taken were not politically motivated but rather aimed at maintaining law and order.

Addressing the issue of protests, Maryam emphasized the importance of responsible citizenship, stating, “If you think that [you] will use your democratic right to spread political chaos in the country, then she will not allow [you] to do so.”

Highlighting a recent incident where a woman attacked a police vehicle to free individuals by force, Maryam questioned the legality of such actions and condemned any violence against law enforcement.

On the topic of price control, the Chief Minister acknowledged the absence of a comprehensive mechanism to regulate prices, citing governance issues that need to be addressed. This statement comes against the backdrop of escalating inflation, particularly in food prices.

In response to the inflation crisis, Maryam instructed district administrations to crack down on price gouging and hoarding of essential items. Despite these efforts, she acknowledged that more needs to be done to alleviate the burden on consumers.

Promising to hold accountable those responsible for price hikes, Maryam expressed regret that Pakistan sees a surge in prices during Ramadan, contrary to the global trend of offering discounts during festive seasons.