Novak djokovic doesn’t rule out 2028 olympics, keeping options open beyond Paris games.

C World number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic, acknowledged the possibility of competing in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, despite being 41 at the time. Djokovic, with 24 Grand Slam titles, has secured only a bronze in his four Olympic appearances and is aiming to enhance his medal record at the upcoming Paris Games.

During a press conference at Indian Wells, Djokovic expressed excitement about the thought of participating in the Los Angeles Olympics but emphasized the need to assess the condition of his body and motivation. He stated, “Everything is on the cards, I just don’t know how many cards I have left.”

Taking a pragmatic approach, Djokovic mentioned his commitment to the sport, saying, “It’s becoming harder and harder, but I still love this sport and have still been competing at the highest level.” He currently holds the number one ranking and intends to continue striving for more historic achievements.

While Djokovic is pursuing a record sixth Indian Wells crown, he highlighted the changing dynamics in men’s tennis with Roger Federer retired and Rafael Nadal dealing with injuries. Djokovic acknowledged the shift in rivalries and expressed his openness to finding new challengers on the tour.