Possible Responsibilities for Former Pakistan Cricket Captain Azhar Ali

There is speculation that former Pakistan cricket captain Azhar Ali may be entrusted with significant responsibilities within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). According to sources, Azhar Ali could be given responsibilities either in the selection committee or at the High-Performance Center. The chairman of the PCB is considering leveraging Azhar Ali’s experience for the benefit of the board.

It is reported that there is also a possibility of the return of former Pakistan team manager Sardar Rehanul Haq to his previous position. He was appointed as the team manager during Najam Sethi’s tenure.

It is suggested that Rehanul Haq will soon resume his responsibilities within the Pakistan team. His previous experience and familiarity with the workings of the team could prove valuable in managing various aspects of team affairs.

The potential appointment of Azhar Ali and the return of Sardar Rehanul Haq highlight the PCB’s intention to utilize experienced individuals to enhance the management and performance of the Pakistan cricket team. These developments signify a strategic approach by the PCB to strengthen the team’s structure and operations, aiming for improved results in international cricket.