UK proposes UN resolution urging immediate ceasefire in sudan ahead of ramadan.

The United Kingdom has presented a draft United Nations resolution calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Sudan, particularly focusing on the conflict-ridden Darfur region, ahead of the upcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The draft expresses deep concern about the escalating violence and the dire humanitarian situation, especially acute food insecurity in Darfur.

The resolution is expected to be swiftly voted upon by the UN Security Council, potentially on Friday, with Ramadan scheduled to commence around Sunday, depending on the sighting of the new moon.

The conflict in Sudan erupted in April, marked by clashes between the military led by Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces commanded by Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo. Darfur, in particular, has witnessed brutal attacks by the Rapid Support Forces against ethnic African civilians, reminiscent of the atrocities two decades ago.

The International Criminal Court’s prosecutor, Karim Khan, has indicated potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide in Darfur by both sides in the current conflict.

France’s UN ambassador emphasized the need for a truce in both Sudan and Gaza, while the U.S. is negotiating its own proposed resolution for Gaza, focusing on a six-week ceasefire without specific mention of Ramadan.

Cindy McCain, head of the World Food Program, warned that the Sudan conflict poses a significant risk of triggering the world’s largest hunger crisis, with 18 million people facing acute hunger, including 5 million at risk of starvation.

The proposed UN resolution calls for the removal of obstructions to humanitarian access, urging coordination of international efforts to bring about an end to the conflict and facilitate a lasting, inclusive, civilian-led democratic transition. A recent UN report detailed widespread ethnic killings and rapes in Darfur, potentially amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity, perpetrated by the Rapid Support Forces and their allied militias.