Dur-e-Fishan saleem reveals actor Kashif Mehmood’s role in her entry to showbiz.

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, a prominent actor in the Pakistan showbiz industry, has opened up about her journey into showbiz, citing actor Kashif Mehmood’s significant support. In an interview, she disclosed that her father, a close friend of Kashif Mehmood, played a pivotal role in her entry into the industry. Mehmood assisted her in various auditions, leading to her landing a role in the drama serial ‘Dil Ruba.’ Dur-e-Fishan acknowledged the support she received and expressed gratitude for the opportunities that came her way, including the role in ‘Dil Ruba.’ She also mentioned being initially considered for another drama before securing her role in ‘Dil Ruba’ but did not disclose her father’s name, respecting her parents’ preference for privacy.