George Galloway secures victory in Rochdale by-election amidst divisions over Gaza conflict.

Renowned British politician George Galloway has emerged victorious in the Rochdale by-election, underscoring divisions within the British populace regarding the Israel invasion of Gaza.

Galloway, a prominent figure on the left-wing political spectrum, clinched the Rochdale seat with a substantial margin of 12,350 votes.

The constituency of Rochdale, where Muslims constitute 30% of the population, witnessed a voter turnout of 49%. Notably, Galloway secured 18% of the total votes cast.

In his victory speech, Galloway dedicated his win to the victims of the Gaza war. He directed criticism towards the government, asserting that they would face repercussions for their support of the Gaza conflict.

This electoral outcome serves to highlight the contrasting opinions prevalent in Britain concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has persisted for five months and has incited demonstrations across British streets, with supporters rallying for both sides.