MQM Pakistan declines Federal cabinet offer, to support PML-N candidate for prime minister.

In a significant move, MQM Pakistan has opted not to join the federal cabinet, despite being offered ministries by the PML-N. Instead, the party has decided to extend its support to the PML-N candidate for the position of Prime Minister.

Sources reveal that MQM’s decision stems from its focus on advocating for a constitutional amendment aimed at granting financial and administrative autonomy to local bodies nationwide. By prioritizing the strengthening of the 18th amendment through robust empowerment of local bodies, MQM aims to enhance grassroots governance and decentralization.

The party’s refusal to join the federal cabinet underscores its commitment to championing constitutional reforms that prioritize the empowerment of local governance structures. This strategic move aligns with MQM’s longstanding advocacy for greater autonomy and empowerment at the grassroots level, reflecting its dedication to advancing the interests of the people it represents.