Road in New York Designated as Allama Iqbal Avenue in Commemoration of Pakistan’s Independence Day

In anticipation of Independence Day, the Queens borough within New York City has bestowed an honor upon Pakistan’s national poet, Allama Iqbal, by naming a road after him. The road has been officially designated as “Allama Iqbal Avenue.”

A special ceremony was conducted in the Richmond Hill district of Queens, marking the formal unveiling of this newly christened road. The occasion drew a large gathering of individuals who fervently chanted “Pakistan zindabad” (Long live Pakistan) and proudly waved their flags.

This event stands as a testament to the dedicated endeavors of Pakistani-Americans, with the non-profit organization American-Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG) playing a pivotal role in its realization.

Ali Rashid, the leader of APAG, shared his immense pride and joy, viewing this tribute as a poignant offering to both the Pakistani-American community and Pakistan itself, particularly as the nation celebrates Independence Day.