Hasan Shahriyar’s Advocacy for Pakistani Celebrities in Media Representation

In a recent interview, Hasan Shahriyar, a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, shed light on the disparity in media representation between Pakistan and India. He expressed concern over the prevalent trend of featuring Indian celebrities in Pakistani advertisements and media coverage, while Pakistani celebrities receive little to no coverage in Indian media.

Hasan Shahriyar emphasized that his stance is not against the Indian public or their celebrities. He clarified that he holds no grudges against Indian celebrities and is not bothered by their presence in Pakistani media. However, he stressed the importance of mutual respect and reciprocity in media representation.

Furthermore, Hasan Shahriyar highlighted the need to promote Pakistani talent, particularly among the youth. He expressed his desire to see Pakistani youth being actively promoted and showcased on various platforms. Despite having the option to reside in any country in the world, Hasan Shahriyar reiterated his love and loyalty towards Pakistan. He emphasized that his attachment to his homeland surpasses any other opportunities or offers he might receive elsewhere.

Moreover, Hasan Shahriyar boldly stated that he is unafraid to speak the truth, even if it means facing consequences for his business ventures or potential backlash from Indian consumers. He prioritizes integrity and dignity over financial gains and is committed to standing by his principles, regardless of the circumstances.

Hasan Shahriyar’s stance underscores the importance of national identity and pride in the face of globalization and cultural exchange. His advocacy for Pakistani talent and unwavering loyalty to his country serves as an inspiration for others in the entertainment industry to prioritize national interests and showcase the rich diversity and talent present within Pakistan.

Overall, Hasan Shahriyar’s remarks serve as a reminder of the significance of promoting local talent and ensuring fair representation in the media landscape, fostering a sense of pride and unity among Pakistani audiences.