PML-N Decides to Form Punjab Cabinet in Phases

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has made the decision to form the Punjab cabinet in phases, according to sources.

In the first phase, 15 members of the assembly will be allocated ministerial portfolios, while in the second phase, an additional 7 ministers will take oath.

It has been reported that all ministers included in the cabinet will undergo a performance audit to ensure accountability and effectiveness in their roles.

The PML-N has indicated that some independent members associated with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz will also be accommodated in the cabinet, reflecting a broader approach to coalition-building and governance.

This phased approach to cabinet formation suggests a strategic and deliberate process by the PML-N, possibly aimed at ensuring a balanced representation of various interests within the party and its coalition partners. By conducting performance audits, the party aims to uphold standards of accountability and efficiency in governance, setting a precedent for responsible leadership.

The inclusion of independent members further emphasizes the PML-N’s commitment to inclusive governance and coalition-building, recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives and expertise in effective policymaking and administration.

The decision to form the Punjab cabinet in phases reflects the PML-N’s focus on systematic and transparent governance, aiming to deliver on its promises while maintaining accountability and inclusivity. This approach sets the tone for the party’s governance strategy in Punjab and underscores its commitment to serving the interests of the people.