Pakistan to Host New Zealand for T20 Series, West Indies Women’s Team to Visit for ODIs and T20s

According to sources, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has finalized plans for New Zealand’s cricket team to visit Pakistan for a T20 series, with the possibility of matches starting in the second week of April. The series is set to feature five T20 matches between Pakistan and New Zealand, scheduled to take place from April 13th to April 23rd.

Both cricket boards have initiated discussions regarding the schedule, with negotiations underway to finalize the details. The five T20 matches are expected to be held in Lahore and Rawalpindi, showcasing Pakistan’s commitment to hosting international cricket matches and providing fans with exciting cricketing action.

In addition to the T20 series, Karachi is set to host the West Indies women’s cricket team for a series of ODIs and T20 matches. The West Indies women’s team is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan in the second week of April to compete against the Pakistani women’s team.

The series between Pakistan and West Indies women’s teams will consist of three ODIs and five T20 matches, providing an excellent opportunity for both teams to showcase their talent and skills on the international stage. This series will further strengthen the bilateral cricketing ties between Pakistan and the West Indies and contribute to the development of women’s cricket in both countries.

The upcoming cricketing events underline Pakistan’s efforts to revive international cricket in the country and promote cricket as a sport of choice for fans and players alike. The hosting of these series will not only provide cricket enthusiasts with thrilling matches but also boost the morale of the cricketing fraternity in Pakistan.