MQM Clarifies Position on Governorship Issue in Sindh

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM) has taken a clear stance on the issue of governorship in Sindh, emphasizing its constitutional rights and position. Amid discussions of government formation, MQM has extended its support to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) while also advocating for three constitutional amendments, including greater autonomy for local bodies.

According to sources, a delegation from the PML-N assured MQM of its commitment to support these amendments, ensuring that the party would endorse them for the benefit of the public. MQM has explicitly stated that the governorship in Sindh is its prerogative, asserting that it will not be coerced into relinquishing its rightful position.

Furthermore, MQM has underscored that it has no desire to join the federal cabinet and will not engage in horse-trading like other political parties. The party’s focus remains on advocating for the rights and interests of the people of Sindh, particularly in matters concerning governance and autonomy.

This firm stance by MQM reflects its determination to uphold its constitutional rights and assert its influence in matters of governance, particularly in its stronghold of Sindh. By advocating for constitutional reforms and asserting its position on the governorship issue, MQM aims to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of power and resources in the province.

As discussions regarding government formation continue, MQM’s stance on these crucial issues signals its commitment to serving the interests of the people and safeguarding its political autonomy. With its support for constitutional amendments and insistence on its rightful position in the governance structure, MQM remains a key player in shaping the political landscape of Sindh and Pakistan as a whole.