Asad Umar Asserts Stability in Pakistan’s Future, Emphasizes Responsibility in Governance

Senior leader of the (N) League and former Defense Minister, Khawaja Asad Umar, recently stated that while they aim to stabilize the country in three years, it won’t be a wise decision to hand over the government to another party after three years.

In an interview on Geo News program with Shahzeb Khanzada, Khawaja Asad Umar expressed confidence in their majority and asserted the rightful claim of the (N) League to the Prime Ministership. He reiterated their commitment to stabilizing the nation within three years but emphasized that it would not be prudent to make a knowledgeable decision to hand over the government to another party after that time frame.

Khawaja Asad Umar highlighted the necessity of taking various actions over the next three years to address the challenges faced by certain segments of society. He emphasized their majority and asserted the right of the (N) League to the Prime Ministership, expressing confidence in their leadership’s dedication and capability.

Furthermore, he revealed that the meeting with the MQM had been positive, acknowledging the genuine grievances of the people of Karachi regarding water and security issues. He pointed out that efforts had been made previously by their leadership to address Karachi’s problems.

Asad Umar emphasized their commitment to making Punjab a model province, demonstrating how governance and administration should be conducted at the provincial level. He reiterated their determination to improve the governance of Punjab.

Moreover, he expressed awareness of any shortcomings that may have occurred and assured that they would fulfill their responsibilities in government by serving and providing relief to the people. Asad Umar criticized the PTI for agitating after every election and stated that the People’s Party had accepted the election results. He highlighted the increase in their seats in the National Assembly and welcomed the inclusion of some independent candidates in their party.

Khawaja Asad Umar’s remarks underscored the (N) League’s commitment to stabilizing Pakistan and ensuring responsible governance, while also addressing the challenges faced by various segments of society.