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Cricket makes Asian games debut in Hangzhou, China, drawing curious and engaged crowds.

A sense of reverence fills the air as Pakistan's Sadia Iqbal takes the bowling crease,…

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Pakistan’s dominant hockey team kicks off Asian games with an 11-0 triumph over Singapore.

In the thrilling arena of the Asian Games hockey tournament held in Hangzhou, China, Pakistan's…

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Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Saudi National Day Celebration in Traditional Clothing

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous football icon, has been making a significant impact in Saudi Arabia…

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Julian Nagelsmann appointed as head coach of the German national football team.

Julian Nagelsmann has assumed the role of head coach for the German national football team,…

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Visa Delay Adds Uncertainty to Pakistan’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Participation

With just seven days remaining for Pakistan's cricket team to play their first warm-up match…

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Arrest of Extortion Group Linked to TTTP Commander Reveals Shocking Revelations

This successful operation marks a significant achievement for security agencies, as it exposes the clandestine activities of an extortionist group that was operating based on classified information. The group had been actively involved in extorting funds from various sources, primarily targeting the business community in the region. What is even more alarming is that they had been employing a range of sinister tactics to extract these illicit funds.